A little spring cleaning for your Mac

Get rid of clutter, unwanted files, cookies, errors and more.

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Boost your Mac’s speed

Cleaning needn't be a chore! The genie-like Advanced Mac Tuneup makes cleaning a breeze. It optimizes your Mac’s performance and de-clutters storage space.

Hassle free Mac cleaning, in one go

There are a lot of things you need to do to free up space and to further optimize your Mac. Advanced Mac Tuneup is the perfect tool for cleaning and optimizing your Mac in a jiffy.

Boost your Mac’s performance

Do you remember the feeling of working on a brand-new Mac? A Mac without rainbow wheels, slow startup issues and other hassles. You can get that same feeling again! Advanced Mac Tuneup makes everything work like a well-oiled machine.

Clean up the Trash

By far the easiest way to get more storage space out of your Mac is by removing unwanted files. Advanced Mac Tuneup goes through your log files, system and user cache, browsing history and trash and throws out everything that’s garbage.

Improve Mac performance by cleaning redundant files

Advanced Mac Tuneup will clean up junk and redundant files you didn’t even know existed and will boost the speed of your Mac. Let this genie work its magic and see your Mac’s performance improve.

Speed up your slow Mac with a click

If you’re looking for an easy solution to improve your Mac’s performance, look no further! Advanced Mac Tuneup identifies useless and junk files and proceeds to remove them completely. You can get a faster Mac in just a couple of clicks.

Multiple cleaning tasks get easier with One Click Cleaning feature of Advanced Mac Tuneup

Clean your Mac & make it run fast and smooth

Need help in removing unnecessary files to get some extra space? Advanced Mac Tuneup is the perfect tool which makes all the work a piece of cake. It is a multi-purpose cleaning tool which helps to clean app cache, browser history, other temporary files and junk files. It is not only a cleaning tool but also a performance booster and a maintenance dynamo.