Multiple cleaning tasks get easier with One Click Cleaning feature of Advanced Mac Tuneup

System Status

See the health of your Mac with a click

Advanced Mac Tuneup makes it easy to keep you Mac clean and in good health. System Status shows the risk status of your Mac and the risk alert warns you if anything needs your immediate attention.

  • One Click Care
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Logs Cleaner
  • Language Cleaner
  • Trash Cleaner


Keep your Mac digitally clean

There is so much clutter on your Mac that you often can’t figure out where to begin. Advanced Mac Tuneup shows you all the useless files hidden on your system. It scans your Mac for unneeded log files, cache, temporary files, trash and much more. It works as if it has a mind of its own and determines what must be removed without affecting your Mac’s functionality.


One Click Care

Relax and rely on one button to clean your Mac

There are many types of junk files hidden away on your Mac: cache, log files and what not. One Click Care knows where to search for these files and whether it is safe to remove them. Just run a scan, hit Clean Now and presto! — all the junk is gone. Cleaning your Mac has never been this easy. It’s a piece of cake.

Cache Cleaner

Clean user and system cache

Did you know that cache files decrease your Mac’s performance and take up a lot of space? Your system stores old user cache and temporary files which become useless and accumulate on your Mac over time, resulting in poor performance. Advanced Mac Tuneup cleans these files easily, without making you jump through hoops.

Log Cleaner

Say goodbye to unnecessary files

Did you know your system records the activity of an application, service, or process? These activities are recorded in files commonly known as log files, which soon become redundant and clog space unnecessarily. As these files are of no use, Advanced Mac Tuneup detects and cleans them smartly, thereby increasing your Mac’s performance and salvaging system space.

Languages Cleaner

Get rid of surplus language packs

Do you need multiple languages for every single app installed on your Mac? Probably not. Advanced Mac Tuneup shows you a list of all the language packs installed on your system that you may never use. You can easily remove them and free up more precious disk space. Removing the unused languages does not affect the functionality of any app.

Trash Cleaner

Garbage cleaning in a flash

Everybody would want one’s trash to be empty and clean. Advanced Mac Tuneup empties the Trash in a jiffy. So why linger? Take out the garbage in a click with Trash Cleaner.



Optimize your Mac and enhance its productivity

Advanced Mac Tuneup has all the tools that will look out for your Mac. It lets you remove old and large redundant files and makes your Mac run like a well-oiled machine. It also uninstalls apps that are no longer required and disables unwanted apps from launching at system startup. This enhances the overall performance and boot up time of your Mac. Tune up your Mac with Advanced Mac Tuneup now!

Privacy Protector

Erase your online tracks

Advanced Mac Tuneup scans all the installed browsers to collect traces of your online activity. No need to dig through browser settings and clean up cookies or login data manually: just hit a button and get rid of all your browsing history in one go.

Uninstall Apps

Eliminate unneeded applications

Struggling to remove unwanted apps? Wish to expunge them without leaving any traces? Use Advanced Mac Tuneup to remove them completely. Moving apps to Trash certainly helps in deleting them, however, it is not the best way to go as it fills your Mac with tons of ‘orphan files’. Advanced Mac Tuneup helps you clean leftover parts of unwanted applications permanently; without dropping any bread crumbs in your wake.

Temp Files

Clean junk without any difficulty

It’s not the important files which are cluttering space, it’s the junk files which you do not even know about. When you perform any task on your Mac, temp files are created and they accumulate in your Mac. These files take up way too much space over a period of time. Advanced Mac Tuneup quickly obliterates all of them without affecting your work.

Startup Apps

Manage startup apps and improve startup time

Does it take forever for your Mac to boot? This happens because of the programs that load along with your Mac in the background. Eliminate the extra load from your Mac and experience faster bootup times. Advanced Mac Tuneup lists the autorun items and allows you to disable the unwanted ones. There can be no easier way than this to speed up your Mac’s boot time.

Large Files

Analyze & delete large files that occupy disk space

We all have a fixation to throw files into random folders. These files take up gigabytes of space without us even realizing it! Advanced Mac Tuneup’s Large Files module scans your entire Mac and displays all the large files by file size and type and helps you in cleaning them.

Multiple cleaning tasks get easier with One Click Cleaning feature of Advanced Mac Tuneup

Optimizing your Mac just got a whole lot easier

You can now improve your Mac’s performance in ways you never thought possible. Run your Mac smoothly, speed up startup times, clean large files and much more. Take control of your Mac’s performance with Advanced Mac Tuneup.